Auto Repair

Choosing the Right Auto Mechanic for Your Needs

No one enjoys having to contend with an auto repair issue, but here at Quality Auto Care & Tire Center in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, we try to make what’s traditionally a hassle an enjoyable, relaxing experience. Our expert technicians look forward to making you as comfortable with their work as possible. That being said, here are several steps to guide you in finding the right, reliable auto mechanic.

1. Take Your Time – It shouldn’t matter what kind of car you drive. Your best bet for quality auto repair is a fully researched shop. Take the proper amount of time to check out any shop you are considering by first asking around. Are the people in your neighborhood partial to any auto shops? Have they had good experiences? Poor ones? What types of services have they needed? Being familiar with what is available in your neighborhood and the reliability of those options is critical.

2. Brush up on Your Vehicle’s Needs – Read the user’s manual. This is the greatest source of detailed information on your particular make and model. The user’s manual often states how regular some forms of service need to be (oil changes, maintenance, etc.) Making a decision on a service provider for simple, routine maintenance to start is far less stressful than doing so in a panic because a major repair has put your vehicle on probation.

3. Give it a Try – If there are a few contenders, try them out with minor jobs. How are they handling the task? Is their staff courteous? Are they considering you an active participant in the servicing of your vehicle or do they simply want to move forward without consulting you on cost or decision-making? Is the facility neat and organized? Do they seem open to questions regarding service or simply just the state of your repair?

4. Get an Estimate – A quality auto shop will always furnish an estimate upon request. If you are receiving push back regarding documentation, walk away. Providing clear and thorough estimates for work or even suggested, future repairs is critical, as you may need to budget accordingly. Ask about labor rates and be sure to understand how they impact the costs of repairs.

5. Document, Document, Document – When you pick up your vehicle, are you provided with a receipt of service? Does this receipt include the hourly labor rate, cost for parts, and cost for the actual repair? It should. Any reputable auto shop will be happy to provide you with an explanation of service and should do so without prompting.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you are in the process of deciding on an auto mechanic, allow us to win your trust! Here at Quality Auto Care & Tire Center, there’s a reason why the word CARE is in our company name. We consider you, our customer, not only as a customer, but as a member of our extended family. We want to provide you with top notch service so that you will consider us for your next scheduled routine maintenance appointment or even major repair. If your vehicle breaks down on the side of the road, call Quality Auto Care & Tire Center and we will have you up and running in no time! Just sit back and relax with a hot cup of coffee as we diagnose and repair your vehicle.

We will always consult you once a diagnosis has been determined on your vehicle to ensure that both service and budget are considerations. There will be no bullying here. It’s okay if you are not sure about your best option as far as car repair is concerned. We’re happy to help by breaking down your issues very clearly and offering possible solutions. Contact us at Quality Auto Care & Tire Center today and let us show you why we are the #1 Auto Service Shop in Wheat Ridge, Colorado!

Auto Care and Customer Care Go Hand-in-Hand

Many important questions come to mind when considering a repair specialist in Wheat Ridge, Colorado:

  • Will my auto issues be discovered and addressed in a timely, cost-effective way?
  • Can I trust the advice of those creating my estimate?
  • Will I be valued as a customer?
  • Will I have to schedule time off to accommodate my need for service?

Here at Quality Auto Care, your business is not just important to us, it is why we come to work every day. You are a part of our extended family and will be treated as such upon arrival. If any auto concerns have you troubled with your vehicle’s performance, trust that everyone at Quality Auto Care will investigate the issue, find its source, and be there to guide you on what your service options are. Each member of our staff is educated in the field of auto repair and will speak with you not only as a technician, but as a fellow car owner. Chances are, we’ve come across similar issues with our own personal vehicles, know how a car will respond, and we will proceed with care.

After being greeted by our friendly and courteous staff, enjoy a hot cup of coffee while you wait. If time is a concern, we understand. Unexpected auto repair can cause a disruption in an otherwise scheduled workday. Feel free to take advantage of our shuttle service so you can stay in step with your current demands either in the office or at home with the kids. Keeping your visit as easy for you as possible is what we strive to achieve here at Quality Auto Care because we know if you are pleased with our service, we will be at the top of your list should a future repair be necessary.

If questions arise during the process, no problem! At any time during your service appointment, our highly skilled team would be happy to discuss what steps are being taken to address the repair and answer any questions that may come to mind during your time with us. Schedule an appointment for routine maintenance today and consider it preventative care for your vehicle. Remaining up-to-date with your factory recommended, routine maintenance is akin to a yearly physical. It ensures that everything is in order and can serve as a means to prepare your vehicle for the demands placed upon it. Whether seasonal changes require an update to your vehicle, or a basic oil change and fluid check are in your near future, we are up to the task and looking forward to assist during your time with us.

Looking for an auto repair specialist in Colorado can be daunting, but with Quality Auto Care, the decision is an easy one. With stellar customer service, a knowledgeable staff, and all of the amenities to keep you returning year after year, Quality Auto Care is ready to make your next service appointment an enjoyable one and remember, it’s our goal for each customer to drive off with a smile!

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Quality Auto Care has the friendliest staff and I have enjoyed everyone that I have met! - Emily H.
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