Brake Maintenance for Safe Driving

After a long, Wheat Ridge, Colorado winter, the importance of brake maintenance cannot be understated.  Here at Quality Auto Care & Tire Center, we understand what your car goes through all winter and are ready to help with an easy transition into Spring driving.  Icy conditions cause erratic and often forceful use of your brakes.  Hitting an ice patch can be terrifying and our natural reaction is to go for the brakes immediately.  Months of this behavior can cause brake pads to wear thin, the result being grinding and misalignment of the front and back end of your vehicle.  If these symptoms are ignored, the possibility of brake failure becomes a reality.  Allow Quality Auto Care to restore your confidence in your vehicle’s brake system with a service appointment.

Often, preventative brake maintenance can ward off costly future repairs simply by being proactive with your car care.  If grinding occurs while braking, this can do damage to the rotors and drums.  If only squeaking occurs while you brake, this could simply be due to friction in the brake lining.  A slight alignment could save you the cost of complete pad and brake replacement.  This can be properly diagnosed by our helpful and courteous staff when you come in to Quality Auto Care & Tire Center.  Will would be glad to put your concerns at ease with a proper inspection of your car’s braking system. While we’re at it, we will ensure that your vehicle is aligned correctly to avoid additional wear on your tires.

If you notice that your vehicle is pulling to one side while braking, this could be caused by a damaged brake line or uneven brake pad wear.  Sometimes, this symptom may occur without squeaking or grinding of the brakes.  It is something to take note of regardless, as it puts the safety of your vehicle in question as the snow and ice of winter turns over to the rain of Spring.  Another brake-related symptom is the brake pedal sinking to the floor at a full stop.  If either of these are occurring, reach out to us to get your car into tip-top shape for Spring.

As always, we hope to wow you with our customer service and general automotive expertise during your time with us.  The offer of coffee or tea upon arrival is always extended, as is the ability to sit back, put your feet up, and leave the job to us.  If you require transportation, take advantage of our free shuttle service, which aims to keep your day as free of disruption as possible.  We all know that car service sometimes requires an extra trip – one you may not have planned for.  Let us make it up to you with our friendly technicians and expert advice – neighbor to neighbor.  Call today to set up a service appointment and keep your vehicle in the best shape for the safety of you and your family.  Remember, your family is our family here at Quality Auto Care & Tire Center and you will be treated as a most valued member!

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